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The National Touring Network for Performing Arts

In 1994 Performing Arts Hub Norway initiated developing a dissemination network for independent performing arts, and The National Touring Network for Performing Arts was established. At first the network was a test project supported by Arts Council Norway, but from 1998 The National Touring Network for Performing Arts has been supported via The National Budget. It was established as a limited liability company of its own January 1 2009. As of now, the network includes 17 (of Norway’s 19) counties. The National Touring Network has been selected as the national dissemination channel for performing arts within The Cultural Rucksack. From and including 2009 the network has been responsible for managing the production support to projects to be presented within The Cultural Rucksack, as there is a wish for a more powerful connection between the funds used for production and the funds used for dissemination than what was the reality when the system was administrated by Arts Council Norway. For more information, see

Black Box Teater AS (BBT)

In 1985 Performing Arts Hub Norway established the limited liability company Black Box Teater. Black Box Teater is a programming venue with an artistic profile presenting Norwegian and international companies. For more information, see


In 2007 Performing Arts Hub Norway initiated a unique, expansive cultural heritage project; the documentation, information and database project Sceneweb. The vision behind Sceneweb is to create a collective platform to find information about Norwegian performing arts, the field as of today as well as its history. is to be a bilingual internet portal emphasising both up-to-date info and an archive - a web portal including the independent companies and the national and regional theatre institutions as one community. The mission of Sceneweb is to document, archive and convey the cultural heritage of Norwegian performing arts, and through that, to stimulate the use of archive and information material about Norwegian performing arts. For more information, see



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Tove Bratten
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Christina Friis
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Elisabeth Leinslie
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mob: (+47) 99 16 76 27

Geir Lindahl
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mob: (+47) 48 19 17 87


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