Prosjekt og turnéstøtte for samarbeidsprosjekter med Japan

Japan Foundation Europe Performing Arts grant programme 2013- 2014 gir midler til samarbeidsprosjekter mellom europeiske og japanske kunstner, institusjoner, festivaler o.l. Søknadsfrist 2. november.

Informasjon fra PAJ for Europe:

PAJ for Europe - Japan Foundation Europe Performing Arts grant programme 2013-14

Established in 1972, the Japan Foundation is Japan’s principal agency for cultural relations between Japan and overseas countries.
The Japan Foundation’s Performing Arts Japan (PAJ) programme for Europe supports organisations based in Europe that are planning performing arts projects related to Japan. The programme covers two categories of applications.

▪ Touring Grant – assists the presentation of Japanese related performing arts projects in which the Japanese artist is included in the tour at multiple locations in Europe, with emphasis on locations outside major capital cities where there is no regular exposure to Japanese performing arts.

▪ Collaboration/Co-Production Grant – assists collaborations between Japanese and European artists in order to create a new work that has the potential of being developed into a touring project in the near future, enhancing the understanding of Japanese culture when presented to European audiences.

For 2013-2014, PAJ is available to European organisations such as festivals, theatres or arts promotion companies planning Japan-related performing arts projects in European countries taking place between 1st April 2013 and 30th June 2014. Your application should be submitted to your local Japan Foundation office, so please consult the list of offices in your region. Applicants are advised that consultation is essential before making an application.

Application deadline: 2nd November 2012.

Guidelines are available to download from the Japan Foundation UK website.



Daglig leder:
Tove Bratten
tlf.: (+47) 23 10 09 80
mob: (+47) 91 55 42 91

Faglig rådgiver:
Christina Friis
tlf.: (+47) 23 10 09 80
mob: (+47) 99 00 39 29

Redaktør Sceneweb/
faglig rådgiver:

Elisabeth Leinslie
tlf.:(+47) 23 10 09 80
mob: (+47) 99 16 76 27

Geir Lindahl
tlf.: (+47) 23 10 09 80
mob: (+47) 48 19 17 87




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