Seminar under Ibsenfestivalen - samarbeid med DTS

SEMINAR: How to promote Norwegian drama texts to the world Scholars, artists and audiences in discussion (EN)

How does one achieve an international breakthrough?

Stage artists who have achieved international recognition share their experiences, and international theatre experts reveal what they are on the lookout for. What does one need to succeed abroad?

During part one of the seminar you will meet Norwegian dramatists Arne Lygre, Fredrik Brattberg and stage performer Lisa Lie, who all in various ways have achieved, or are achieving, international breakthroughs. You will also meet some of the key people behind their success: Stephane Braunschweig, director, Jack Tarlton, director, and artistic head of the Nordwind Festival, Ricarda Ciontos.

During part two you will meet key persons working in the PR industry and stage art industry who are promoting Norwegian artists abroad: Norwegian Arts Abroad/NORLA, embassies and political figures.

Lead by author Alf van der Hagen.

A collaboration between the Ibsen Festival, Danse og teatersentrum (DTS), NORLA, Music Norway, Norsk Filminstitutt, DOGA and OCA Norwegian Craft, Norwegian Arts Abroad. Supported by the Norwegian embassies in Germany, France and England.



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