CIRQUE DU SOLEIL avholder audition i Oslo

Cirque du Soleil is seeking new talent for its thirteen current productions and upcoming creations. In 2007, Cirque du Soleil will be holding artistic auditions for singers, musicians, dancers and physical actors all around the world.

Each Cirque du Soleil show is built around its own original concept, with music performed by live bands. With the number of shows growing, you can easily imagine how many new artists we need to fill new roles, serve as permanent or temporary replacements, play back-up positions, etc.


The Cirque du Soleil Casting team is specifically seeking professional artists with strong technique, stage experience, improvisational skills and versatility:


SINGERS: World beat, soul, folk, rock, pop, jazz, gospel, R&B, classical, Indian folk/western pop. All ranges, including countertenors and young sopranos.


MUSICIANS: Bandleaders, brass, wind instruments, violin, cello, double bass, electric bass, strings, percussion and drums, electronic instruments, early instruments, oud, kora, accordion, guitars, multi-instrumentalists.


DANCERS: Contemporary, jazz, classical, world and ethnic, hip-hop/b-boy and b-girl, unique and diverse styles.


PHYSICAL ACTORS: Creative skills, solid acting training and strong theatrical experience (clowns, contemporary mimes, street performers and artists with unique acts, exceptional skills or unusual body types).


Since 1984, Cirque du Soleil has carved out a special niche for itself in the world of performing arts. Through a mix of acrobatics, circus arts, dance, theatre, music, singing and street performance, Cirque du Soleil has given life to a magical new universe.


Do you know any talented individuals interested in joining Cirque du Soleil?

Feel free to tell them about us. We are always eager to discover new artists.

Contact us at any time for additional information; we'll be happy to answer your questions.


Auditions based on video demo evaluation


For details on how to apply: casting.cirquedusoleil.com 




Daglig leder:
Tove Bratten
tlf.: (+47) 23 10 09 80
mob: (+47) 91 55 42 91

Faglig rådgiver:
Christina Friis
tlf.: (+47) 23 10 09 80
mob: (+47) 99 00 39 29

Redaktør Sceneweb/
faglig rådgiver:

Elisabeth Leinslie
tlf.:(+47) 23 10 09 80
mob: (+47) 99 16 76 27

Geir Lindahl
tlf.: (+47) 23 10 09 80
mob: (+47) 48 19 17 87




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