Norske instruktører ønskes til DirectorsLabChigaco

DirectorsLabChicago finner i år sted i Chicago mellom 13. og 19. august. Temaet i år er "Re-Envisioning the Classics". Søknadsfristen (som er utløpt) gjelder ikke for deltagere fra andre land.

I am delighted to inform you that the third annual DirectorsLabChicago will take place at the Chicago Cultural Center from August 13th-19th, 2007.  This year we will be exploring the theme "Re-Envisioning the Classics".

Last fall, we had a successful Lab with thirty participating directors of theatre attending from all over the United States and Canada.  We offered diverse workshops with an international emphasis and have begun to collaborate with several consulates and international organizations.  Since DirectorsLabChicago has a strong commitment to developing an international community, we would like to continue to expand and nuture our international relationships.  This year, we plan to have participating directors and guest artists from all over the world,  and we are working to further develop strong relationships with consulates and
international organizations.
I am particularly interested in developing a relationship between DirectorsLabChicago and Norwegian directors since I lived in Stavanger, Norway, for three years and speak Norwegian.  I look forward to discussing potential ways we can build artistic bridges between our countries!

We have set many goals as we continue to develop the international aspects of the Lab, and would like to talk to you about any of the following:
Having one  or more emerging directors from your country participate in the  Lab.  
Getting the word out to directors  from your country. 
Having a master director from your  country lead a workshop, teach a specific technique, be a part of a panel  discussion, etc.  We plan to offer one international  workshop per day for each of the 5 full-length days of the Lab.   Please see last year’s attached schedule for more specific information  on the type of sessions we have had in the past. 
Obtaining a list of theatre  artists/companies from your country who will be in town during the dates of  the Lab (Aug 13-19, 2007). 
Having international scripts and  resources available in our “green room” for attending directors to  peruse.
To get a better idea of the work and goals of DirectorsLabChicago, I would like to encourage you to visit our website, www.directorslabchicago.com <http://www.directorslabchicago.com/> .  The site contains information on the upcoming 2007 Lab and application, past Labs and events, photographs taken during the Labs, and information on the founders and planning committee.  Attached to this email is a copy of last year's schedule and a summary of the history of DirectorsLabChicago.
I would love to talk to you more about potential collaboration with DirectorsLabChicago 2007.  We are excited to continue developing the Lab as a truly international organization and look forward to working with you and your country in the process! 

Thank you for your time.  Tusen takk!
Jenny Montgomery
Planning Committee
“DirectorsLabChicago offers environments in which emerging and established directors from all over the world are able to consider, challenge, and engage in both the traditional and contemporary aspects of their craft.”

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