Hans-Thies Lehmann i Oslo

Mannen bak begrepet postdramatisk teater kommer til Norge

Forum for samtidsdramatikk presenterer, i samarbeid med Podium og Black Box Teater, en av dagens ledende teaterteoretikerne og mannen bak begrepet postdramatisk teater, Hans-Thies Lehmann.

Professor Lehmann holder også forelesningen «Det postdramatiske teatret» på Litteraturhuset søndag 4. mai kl 17.00-19.00, i regi av Norsk Shakespeare- og teatertidsskrift.

Forum for samtidsdramatikk is proud to be able to present a Norwegian audience to Hans-Thies Lehmann, one of the leading theatre-theoreticians of our day. Lehmann coined the term Postdramatic Theatre in his seminal work in 1999 to describe the shift from the dominance of the dramatic text to contemporary stage art which very often are not dramatic in the traditional sense. In his lecture in this seminar, Lehmann will focus on his later work.


10:00 Opening words by Siren Leirvåg (University of Oslo)

10.05 Hans-Thies Lehmann (Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität, Frankfurt am Main): Beyond the Post-Dramatic


12:00 Lunch

In the following panel we will draw attention to what happens when modern artistic theatre (which has been called postdramatic) is replaced by the theatre machine of the melodramatic and romantic tradition, thus creating a paradox in contemporary theatre. We will further discuss new situationist strategies in art and performance, and relate these strategies to the time experience of play and the political “life” philosophy of Giorgio Agamben. This way we hope to discuss essential traits in contemporary theatre where William Shakespeare´s notion of “the world as a stage” has gradually become the norm, and in which, as we see it, central theoretical issues in contemporary art life is being played out.

Chair: Drude von der Fehr (University of Oslo)

13:30 – 17:00

Knut Ove Arntzen (University of Bergen): Artistic Theatre vs . the Theatre Machine, a Post-Dramatic Paradox

Marius von der Fehr (Art Academy of Oslo): New Situationist Art

Elin Høyland (University of Oslo): Performance and/as the State of Exception

Marit Grøtta (University of Oslo): Playtime

Henning Gärtner (Freelance, Oslo): The Practice of the Beyond


Publisert: 17.04.08 14:30



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