Invitasjon til koreografer - Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Present your work at the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe 2009

Dear Choreographers:
One of the most important presentations of Dance-Forms Productions for 2009 is "The 47th International Choreographers' Showcase" which will take place in five performances at the Roxy Art House as part of the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe.
Click on www.danceformsproductions.com/scotland.html
The five performances are accessible to people of all ages. Members of the audience will purchase admission tickets priced in Scottish Pounds. We look forward to welcoming a larger audience than in previous years.
This exciting trip from August 2 day of arrival in Edinburgh, Scotland Through August 9, 2009 day of departure will give choreographers an excellent opportunity to present their work, to network with directors,
producers, other artists (hopefully to negotiate new engagements!) and to earn a share of the revenue from ticket sales of five performances. Performers receive seven nights accommodation in single and twin rooms of a furnished flat with shared facilities.  We provide a complete production package which includes the five performances, lighting and sound, technical assistance, publicity, printed programs, box office and pre-show rehearsal arrangements. All for $1,700.00 for each dance-artist on stage (airfare excluded).

Choreographers are invited to submit their condensed professional resume, color pictures of the performers in JPEG format and program notes.   A VHS NTSC FORMAT video or a DVD with the work to be presented is requested for technical purposes.

A $300.00 deposit for each dance-artist on stage is due right away. The payment will be mailed in the form of a check in US dollars made payable to Dance-Forms Productions to our mailing address:

C/O Susana B. Williams

Dance-Forms Productions

307 North 4th Street

La Grange, Kentucky 40031


We also accept payment with Visa, Master Card, Amex, Discover. A processing fee will be added to the payment.

We encourage participation from choreographers who are willing to invest in themselves and who are interested in expanding their knowledge of other cultures, as well as promoting their work abroad. We invite choreographers who see this thrilling event as an opportunity to benefit their professional development.

Please mail your materials and initial payment without delay. If you have further questions email us a message. Our email is: danceformspro@aol.com

I look forward to your participation and greeting you in Scotland.


Susana B. Williams
Dance-Forms Productions
Phone: (502) 222-2273
Fax: (502) 222-1504
E-Mail: danceformspro@aol.com
Web Sites: www.danceformsproductions.com




Daglig leder:
Tove Bratten
tlf.: (+47) 23 10 09 80
mob: (+47) 91 55 42 91

Faglig rådgiver:
Christina Friis
tlf.: (+47) 23 10 09 80
mob: (+47) 99 00 39 29

Redaktør Sceneweb/
faglig rådgiver:

Elisabeth Leinslie
tlf.:(+47) 23 10 09 80
mob: (+47) 99 16 76 27

Geir Lindahl
tlf.: (+47) 23 10 09 80
mob: (+47) 48 19 17 87




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