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Call for candidates: European street arts worksite

The FAI AR launches a first European Street Arts Worksite, entrusting the Dutch company PeerGrouP with the artistic direction of a 3-week workshop (July 20 – August 7) dedicated to artistic creation on a specific site and interaction with the city/nature.
The Dutch company PeerGrouP bases its artistic research on the emergence of a dramaturgy resulting from contact with a territory and the participation of its population. The company is accustomed to working with large, open spaces and is offering this workshop to 12 artistic individuals from throughout Europe to use resurgences of nature within the urban space as an opening for new creative processes within a particular site.
Candidates must be at least 18 years old, speak English and/or French and show mastery of an artistic discipline.
Applications can be downloaded online or obtained through FAI AR, and must be sent before June 10, 2009.

For more information, go to: www.faiar.org

Circus Interviews

Driven by Orit Nevo, The Contemporary Circus Initiative proposes a series of interviews with personalities from the circus of today, that will be available on Internet: Tim Roberts (UK) on June 2nd, Jan- Rok Achard (Canada ) on June 9th and Gulko (France) on June 16th.

To ask a question: www.askorit.com/ask.asp
To listen to the interviews: www.contemporarycircus.com

Call for projects: Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe
Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe (JTCE) is a means of support for young creators in the circus arts of France and Europe. It aims to support the emergence of new forms and compositions and to encourage research and artistic creation.
JTCE is releasing a call for projects intended for those carrying out projects of research or artistic creation in the circus. Applicants should be at the beginning of their professional pathways and in need of aid and support to carry out their project.
Applications must be sent before September 25, 2009.

Download the call for projects http://www.circostrada.org/IMG/file/News/Call%20for%20Projects%202009-2010.pdf

For more information, go to: www.jeunestalentscirque.org

Third Stradda dossier in English

Circostrada Network continues its partnership with the Stradda magazine to offer thematic dossiers on the street and circus arts for free online. The third dossier " Adventurous Terrains. Composing for and with the territory" is available to download.
These publications in English and in French are intended to improve access to the sectors’ resources and current events as well as to promote the exchange of ideas and increased awareness amongst cultural operators and other institutions.
The dossier is downloadable for free in English and in French on www.circostrada.org

Download this publication in French (.pdf) http://www.circostrada.org/IMG/file/PUBLICATIONS/Dossiers%20Stradda/Stradda3-FR.pdf
Download this publication in English (.pdf) http://www.circostrada.org/IMG/file/PUBLICATIONS/Dossiers%20Stradda/Stradda3-EN.pdf


Pilot Cultural Mobility Contact Points launch

In the framework of PRATICS, 3-year project supported by the European Commission, Cultural Mobility Contact Points (CMCPs) launched their information service on May 15th. Conceived as first entry points for mobile cultural workers, they offer advice and administrative support regarding the mobility of artists and other cultural professionals.
This programme, who's aim is to facilitate the provision of information about EU cross-border mobility in the cultural sector, is piloted by Kunstenloket in Belgium, SICA in the Netherlands, the Arts Council of Wales / Wales Arts International in Wales and Interarts in Spain.

For more information, go to: www.practics.org

aRT factories / autre (s) pARTs: new resource platform

aRT factories / autre (s) pARTs has just put its resource platform online. The organisation aRT factories / autre (s) pARTs is a common platform for reflection, research and action, transmission and solidarity for the development of art centres that organize their practices and experiments around the relationship between arts, territories and populations. You can also find information on current events, a database of initiatives from throughout the world of venues, artistic spaces, artistic and social creativity as well as bibliographies and tools for project directors

For more information, go to: www.artfactories.net


Professional gathering: Banlieues d'Europe

The French Institute in Prague (Czech Republic) will be hosting the 16th gathering of the Banlieues d'Europe network on June 26 and 27. The gathering’s theme will be “Creativity and innovation in European cities – 20 years after the fall of the iron curtain”. The gathering will start with interventions on the theme of “Resistance and testimonies”, and will be followed by five discussions on new cultural dimensions: “New locations, new processes”, “New relationships with the public space”, “New approach of communities”, “Current resistance”, “East-West exchange and artistic mobility”.
The gathering is organised in partnership with Banlieues d'Europe'Est.
Register for free via email before June 15.

Download the programme http://www.circostrada.org/IMG/file/News/programme_prague.pdf
Download the registration form http://www.circostrada.org/IMG/file/News/formulaire_inscription_prague.pdf

For more information, go to: www.banlieues-europe.com

Call for applications SPACE: deadline extended

The deadline to answer to the call for applications SPACE, headed for performing arts managers, was extended until June 24th, 2009.
Candidates of more than 35 years can now answer the call.

For more information, go to : www.spaceproject.eu 



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