Informasjon til norske dansekunstnere om uttak til verdensdansfestivalen i Venezuela

Festivalen finner sted i oktober 2009.

Det venezuelanske kulturdepartementet inviterer i samarbeid med det nasjonale instituttet for scene- og musikkunst utenlandske dansere og koreografer til å delta i den 6. verdensdansfestivalen som skal finne sted i Venezuela fra 21. til 31. oktober inneværende år. De ønsker å motta bidrag fra norske utøvere innen 15. juli. Dersom artisten blir plukket ut til å delta, dekker venezuelanske myndigheter reise- og oppholdsutgifter.


The Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Cutura and the Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y Musicales, by means of the Fundación Compañía Nacional de Danza, opens the VI edition of the Festival Mundial de Danza "Solos y Duetos", which will take place from Octuber 21 to Octuber 31 of  the current year across multiple municipalities in the Nueva Esparta State.

The Festival Mundial de la Danza "Solos y Duetos" is an important space for the encounter and reflection for both, cerographists and interpreters, belonging to the dancing movement who again gather in our country to present their solo or duet`s category creations, promoting that way the national and international dancing movement in different scenarios and contributing to the projection of our country as an open space for the cultural diversity. The public will enjoy of dancing performances with a universal character in conventional and no conventional places: squares, streets, museums, theaters and "casas de la cultura" among others.

 The Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Cultura has is giving a cordial invitation to all creators in the field to present their choreographic propositions with duration fitting a 10 (minimum) to 60 (maximum) minutes boundary.

Postulation consignation requirements:

*                Technical specification

*                Artistic specification

*                Lengt

*                Complete video of the choreography (Digital Format)

*                High resolution photography (500dpi

*                Number of people traveling

*                Availability for imparting magistral classes, workshops etc.

*                Choreographies must adapt well to nonconventional spaces

The Fundación Compañía Nacional de Danza will cover costs for the tickets, lodgment, internal transport, alimentation supplies and the promotion of the selected delegations. Once the selection process had been concluded this organization will send an official invitation in order to facilitate the processing related to the participation in the festival. Only the taxes related to the departure from Venezuela airports will be covered..

 Our country, like the rest of the world, is taking financial measurements in order to mitigate the impact of the world wide economical crisis about which we all are aware. Nevertheless, issues of that nature shall not preclude the instrumentation of projects like this one which guaranty to all the participants their transportation and sojourn, however we cannot afford honorarium costs.

All the solicited material should be sent by express (private) mail to the following direction:

Fundación Compañía Nacional de Danza, Centro Simón Bolívar, Torre Norte, piso 14, El Silencio, Apartado Postal 1010-A, Caracas, Venezuela, a: MSc. Alice Dotta, Presidenta y Directora Artística de la Fundación, con atención  a Lic.  María de los Ángeles Solés,  Relaciones Internacionales. Teléfono: (0212) 484 23 47 Celular: 0426 518 05 23.  //  0416 825 47 24
(National Dance Foundation, Centro Simón Bolívar, Torre Norte, piso 14, El Silencio, Apartado Postal 1010-A, Caracas, Venezuela, to MSc. Alice Dotta, President and Artistic Director of the Foundation, with attention to María de los Ángeles Solés, International Relations. Telephone: (0212) 484 23 47 Mobile: 0426 518 05 23. / / 0416 825 47 24)

The reception period will end on July 15 with no time extension allowed. Any additional information can be obtained by communicating with us through the e-mail: fcndrelacionesinternacionales@gmail.com<mailto:fcndrelacionesinternacionales@gmail.com>

Lic. María de los Ángeles Solés
Directora del Despacho de la Presidencia / Relaciones Internacionales
Teléfono: (0212) 484 23 47
Celular: 0416 825 47 24
Celular: 0426 518 05 23
E Mail: fcndrelacionesinternacionales@gmail.com<mailto:fcndrelacionesinternacionales@gmail.com>


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