Invitasjon til Nordisk-Baltisk møte for produsenter innen dansefeltet

Møtet finner sted den 26. august i Gøteborg, under Gøteborg Dance and Theatre Festival. Påmelding under.

Invitasjon til Nordisk-Baltisk møte for produsenter innen dansefeltet 26. august i Gøteborg


For some time now, there has been talk about starting a Nordic-Baltic network for producers/arts managers within dance.

During the Kedja meeting in May we extended an invitation to the community of producers/art managers to use the Göteborg Dance and Theatre Festival as an occasion to meet.
The idea is to concretely start looking at the needs and the possibilities with such a network - this in order gather momentum before the next Kedja meeting in Reykjavik in October. The aim is not to come up with a full plan, but more to speed up the dialogue around how this network could be useful.

This initiative is taken by us as arts managers, simply as an attempt to kick-start the process and to get the ball rolling. Some of you have already contacted us about it – thanks! for us, it again confirms the need of this meeting – and now, dear colleagues, it is happening!

Thursday, August 26 @ 16.00

Nordic-Baltic producers/arts managers meeting in Göteborg
During the session we want to look at the potential of a Nordic network in terms of: what are our needs?  How can it be useful?  To our great pleasure, Lieven Thyrion, manager of
Les Ballets C de la B, has generously agreed to mentor us during the session. He will share his experience and give us useful perspectives regarding transnational networking.
Note: The session is preceded by an open seminar at 13.30 with Lieven where he will talk about the relation artist/producer, international collaborations and of course, his part in building Les Ballets C de la B.

For those of you that don’t have the possibility to come to Göteborg, it would be fantastic if you would like to share your points of views and contribute with input in form of text or a phone call if you prefer! 

Please register for the meeting at register@dansbyran.se before August 9!

For more info, questions or thoughts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. The meeting is for all producers working with dance in the Nordic and Baltic countries, so feel free to pass on the invitation. Hope to see you in august!

Many regards,
Sarah Melin, Dance Office, Region Västra Götaland, +46703892040, sarah.melin@vgregion.se

and Myriam Mazzoni, Dansbyrån, +46708129746, myriam.mazzoni@dansbyran.se



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