East-West-Passages Symposium

Dance and Theatre from Europe. New Impulses from the East. Symposium of the euro-scene Leipzig 2010, Berlin, in cooperation with International Theatre Institute (ITI)

Friday, November 5, 2010, 1:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Saturday, November 6, 2010, 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Alte Handelsbörse, Leipzig

Nearly twenty years ago, when the first euro-scene Leipzig took to the stage – after the peaceful revolution and the fall of the wall – this equated an image rebellion. It was the visual power of the theater, its immediate physicality, and the social and political commitment of each presented staging, which left behind a strong impression. Theater productions from the East and West met in Leipzig, where they found an unusually interested, sometimes sceptical, but mostly impressed audience.

Twenty years later, these developments should be incorporated into the outlook. This year’s artistic highlights and its most pressing curatorial inquiries serve as the point of departure for those questions asked by today’s artists, festival organizers and audiences.

However, twenty years after the fall of the wall, the East seems to “have lost its sex appeal”. This not only applies to its presence at festivals, but also to the international mobility of its artistic productions in general, something marked by great misbalances here. Productions from the west circulate mainly in the west, and productions from the east mainly in the east. Occasionally, the West European festival landscape discovers an East European artist. But, in most cases, they shine as ‘shooting stars’ under the conditions of western productions and finally change their permanent address. In the East, missing production structures and missing cultural-political commitment (lastly support) seem to hinder giving international exchange more weight.

In the framework of the euro-scene Leipzig, a two-day symposium of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), Berlin, plans to enrich the Europe-wide debate.

With Impulses by Ivo Dimchev, Performer, Sofia / Nevenka Koprivcek, Bunker, Ljubljana (t.b.c.) / Manfred Beilharz, NEUE STÜCKE AUS EUROPA / Peter Konwitschny, Oper Leipzig / Priit Raud, Produzent für Tanz, Tallin / Görgy Szabo, Trafo, Budapest / Bartosz Szydlowski, Boska Festival, Krakow / Dessy Gavrilova, The Red House, Sofia / Tilman Broszat, Spiel.Art Festival, München / Laura Stašane, New Theatre Institute of Latvia, Riga / Günther Heeg, University of Leipzig / Stefan Schmidtke, Cultural Capital Tallinn 2011 / Bekim Lumi, Regisseur, Prshtina / Matthias Lilienthal, HAU, Berlin / Katrin Deventer, European Festival Association / Zora Jaurova, Cultural Capital Kosice 2013 (t.b.c.) / Patrick Primavesi, University of Leipzig u.a.

Programme and registration by 05.09.2010

Contact: symposium@iti-germany.de
Michael Freundt
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